Fiona is a natural Psychic and Spiritualist Medium. From a young child she has been in touch with the etheric realms sensing, hearing and seeing her spirit friends.

At the age of 10 her father communicated to her that he had passed over to the world of spirit and it was from this devastating message that she knew she was blessed with the gift of clairvoyance.

Fiona has been working psychically for over 20 years reading palms and tarot cards. Her development with the spirit world is an ongoing journey, moving from strength to strength. As with all gifts they must be finely tuned, nurtured and disciplined. Fiona’s spiritual training was through the Famous Arthur Findlay College with the help and assistance of mentoring Tutors such Minister Marie Paed and Minister Judith Seaman to mention a few.

Fiona is a Member of the Spiritualist National Union where she undertook accademic studies. She holds practical awards for her demonstration of mediumship and inspirational speaking (CSNUd&s) and has been serving churches in England, Scotland, Ireland and Internationally on the SNUi (Spiritualist National Union International).

A dedicated worker for Spirit she is committed to providing the best of her ability in all that she does, she regularly Demonstrates Mediumship and Tutors Workshops, Residentials and Development Classes in Northern and Southern Ireland the UK and Internaltionally on SNUi .


“I am a passionate spiritualist psychic medium, who’s goal is to ensure that your psychic or spiritual experience is conducted with the utmost respect and confidentiality I strive for excellence in all the services that I provide.”

If you are looking for a sensitive indepth reading, spiritual evidential reading or advice or help with some of the issues listed below, then please call me now… I’m only happy to help.