The lines on your hands are ever changing and are in essence the mirror of your life.

They will reveal your personality, your ambitions and the talents you are nurturing now and the talents yet to manifest. They will often show important people and events that will have an impact on your life. The choices you make today will be reflected on your palms tomorrow showing how we shape and affect our environment and in turn this shapes and affects our destiny.

Remote Readings are available by appointment. I will need a print of your hand and so this reading is only available by post.

Tarot Reading

Tarot’s professed origins are as mysterious as their pictorial content.

The cards themselves have been used for divination and as a tool for self-understanding for centuries. Tarot can show the opportunities, challenges or obstacles ahead and the paths you can follow. Relationships be they love or work related can be assessed for their worth.

Unforeseen events can be highlighted and therefore prepared for. Tarot can be used as a point of reference from which we can see alternative choices and so give direction and guidance on many aspects.

Remote Readings are available by appointment. Your land-line number will be required; no mobiles, please.