Brave souls are sought to spend night in most haunted house in Northern Ireland

Cumber House in Claudy22
Cumber House in Claudy

By Donna Deeney

The most haunted house in Northern Ireland is being opened to anyone brave enough to spend a night under its roof.

Cumber House in Claudy is steeped in legend, with tales of all kinds of strange goings-on.

Next week Supernatural Activities’ Fiona Stewart-Williams will be on site to test the truth behind the myths and has invited sceptics and believers to join her on July 15.

The medium of 30 years reckons Cumber House is very special in terms of spiritual activity.

She said: “As a medium I don’t necessarily need to have physical proof of individual connections from the spirit world, but it is always nice for other people who would never go and see a medium to actually witness and have their own experience as part of their own investigation.

“In that respect Cumber House is rather unique, that house is a rather special place in terms of activity that it holds.

“We have been there several times and I would rate it as one of Northern Ireland’s most haunted places.

“Every time we have gone to Cumber House and held a paranormal investigation we have always come back with evidence and information, and over 50% of it has come from people who have lived or worked there.

“It is a fascinating place in terms of the energy it holds, but if it reeked of the devil, if it had anything demonic attached to it, I would run a mile because that isn’t something I am interested in.”

Ms Stewart Williams’ partner in Supernatural Activities Kate Carlile – who doesn’t claim any special powers – said she has had ghostly experiences in Cumber House which she can’t explain.

She said: “Two years ago at Halloween I was working for an event at Cumber House on my own, late in the evening.

“I was making my way up from the basement and had reached the foot of the stairs near the very famous tower room, and from the room behind me I heard a loud noise.

“Of course I had to go and look, and the Hoover had just gone on. There was no one in the room with me, and I had been in the house for several hours on my own, so that was a bit strange.

“Another time when I was with several other people a large gym ball started rolling by itself, even though there wasn’t a breeze or any wind. It is very interesting and I am sure the people joining us on July 15 for our investigation will find that out for themselves.”

A Haunting Experience in Cumber House will be held on July 15 at 8.30pm. Bookings available at 07708 911 972 or 028 777 40552

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