July The Goddess Isolt
Undying Love of thy Self …

“The love you have shared is eternal regardless of the situation”

Isolt Celtic Goddess themes are love, fertility and sexuality.

Today is about self love, caring for the self on all levels be it emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Take time to be kind with your thoughts to yourself and to those you care for. Be aware of the physical needs of your body “Self Care” on all levels and adjust, take stock and action accordingly.

Understand that you are an amazing spiritual being, perfect the way Your God created you and as such your are unlimited.

Relationship be they family, friends or lover(s) come into focus and a deeper understanding of what joy or pain or sorrow they bring together with the soul lessons they have taught you. Today we reflect on those relationships in their entirety … releasing the pain, acknowledging the love and rejoicing in the leaning these souls have had to teach us.

Honour the relationships that are solid and valid in your life now and allow those relationships that are no longer valid, working or present the space and patience to heal in your heart .. be tender and caring with yourself …and when the time is right … new found love(s) friends, family etc will enrich your life.