As the new moon cycle of the Cold Moon moves forward the dream state within us is ignited, although dreaming can be fun, inspirational and indeed beautiful we must be able to differentiate between what is real and what is fiction.  There may be people in our lives that we believe to be friends and have only the best intentions for us only to find that we had duped ourselves and these very individuals have played us and preyed upon our desire to be liked, loved and cherished.

Perhaps even in your dream states your subconscious mind is illuminating the truth to you about a situation or relationship, here it is that we dare to dream and our dreams can become reality.

This is a time when many solutions or choices are offered to your right now choose carefully evaluating all the pros and cons of each situation, be mindful of the long term outcomes not the  short term fix.

Temptation looms in the offers of a deal too good to be missed …… this in turn may lead to greater financial difficulties.   Take your time with every decision be sure of what you wish the outcome to be, know your goal.

Dare to dream but keep your wits about you and your feet planted firmly on the ground.