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April Tarot Scope

April has certainly arrived in all its glory … the dancing daffodils freely line the hedgerows and the consistently changing weather brings its own struggles from winter to summer … spring is definitely here … so it is the Spring of our own story that I wish to talk about …

Spring is a time to clear […]

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February 2017




Strength for February 2017

Sure we can find the physical and mental strength during a great upheaval in our lives but as we plan to move forward from such an event(s) our energy, confidence or even our health can be compromised by the level of stress that we have inflicted upon ourselves.

This card reflects the inner […]

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For the Month of January

Three Card Spread for January

Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles calls us to investigate not only the broader aspects of our life but also the day to day running of our lives.  This is a card that shrieks Management at all levels with the focus on change!  Being adaptable and flexible to the […]

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